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Greeting from the President

The Nakatani Electronic Measuring Technology Association of Japan was established in April 1984 by the late Taro Nakatani, the founder of Toa Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. (currently, Sysmex Corporation), in the strong hope of contributing to the establishment of the industrial base by promoting the development of electronic measuring technologies. The foundation was restarted as the Nakatani Foundation for Advancement of Measuring Technologies in Biomedical Engineering, on April 1, 2012 under the new public-interest corporations system.

This foundation, as its core activity, subsidizes the development of leading technology and has been conducting activities to aim at promoting the broad development of biomedical engineering measuring technologies and thereby contributing to Japan’s economic and social development and the improvement of people’s lives by means of commending researchers who have achieved outstanding work in the development of technology and subsidizing technology exchanges.

In order to create and improve useful technologies for people in the biomedical engineering measuring field, we will extend our activities into the training and support of young researchers engaged in science technology, and we hope it will lead to a greater contribution to society. We would greatly appreciate your further advice and guidance.

Isao Karube

Isao Karube

Nakatani Foundation for
Advancement of
Measuring Technologies in
Biomedical Engineering